Townies: Part III

3 species, 2 pics, 1 video

Labor Day weekend. A great holiday because you get a day off of work, a paid day off of work. Bad holiday because too many people are traveling. I thought, for a split second, that I would try and do one last hiking/fishing trip up in the mountains but decided against it because I have had first hand experience in the past of how the driving would be on this busy weekend. Instead I decided to stay put and hang low, only to go fishing for a few hours up the road at my infamous in-town fishing hole. And boy did it pay off!

I don’t think I have ever gotten more than two species of fish in one day. If I have it must not have been a big deal because I do not remember. I have gotten multiple species over a multi-day trip, but never in the same day. So this, I believe, is a first for me.

I headed up the road around 4:30 in the afternoon. Having my perfect 3 wt. setup already, I hit the water as soon as I parked the car. Soon after that, I started bringing in the fish. Two in the first hole, my first two casts. One in the second hole, my second cast. Three in the third hole, casts number two, four, and six. This would be an amazing start, if the fish were what I was after and if they weren’t all of 4” long. The fish I was catching were creek chub. Definitely not that exciting but I was still getting some action. I then came to the hole where I had previous caught a 20” brown trout and my hopes were high. Only to be dashed again by yet another chub. This had to have been my 16th or 17th creek chub that I hooked, it was getting to be too much. And then it happened, the line tightened and the rod bent, I had a “real” fish on this time. I got him in and indeed it was a very nice brown, around eight inches. I reached for the camera and of course he slipped out of my hand and was off to be caught another day.

I didn’t really mind not getting the shot, it was only the first hour of fishing and I was having a nice peaceful time fishing in town and I assumed I would get another chance at a brown. I assumed wrong.

I fished for another hour and a half and decided to head in the direction of the car and fish my favorite hole one more time. The sun was getting low in the sky but I didn’t really need to see that well, I knew where to cast and what to do. Another half hour goes by however, and not a fish was brought to hand. Then it happened, fish on! I could tell it was decent because the rod was bent and she wasn’t coming up. When she did come up, I could tell it wasn’t what I was after. It was another creek chub, but this time she had some size to her. Maybe 12” or so, the largest I have ever caught. Then I noticed something strange, another fish behind the chub. I thought at first it was just a fish coming up to see what all the commotion was about, but after a second I realized the second fish was hooked to my second fly! I was fishing a two nymph rig and caught two fish on the same line! Two different species of fish, on the same line!

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Didn’t expect that did ya? Well neither did I! It just goes to show, no matter where or when you go fishing, you never know what to expect.



Vulgar language in this one, sorry to all the youngins and my parents.


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