Townies: Part I

If you held a gun to my head and made me admit one thing that I hated about fly fishing, it would be the driving. Most of the good places to fish are, on average, a two hour drive from Denver. On top of that, if you want to hike in to a lake add another hour or two. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth every mile. But at times when you are in the car longer then in the water, it would be nice to find something just up the road.

Side Note: This is how my next blog post started when I wrote it a few days ago. By the time I was finished it was a really long story, probably too long for a blog post that will only have one picture attached to it. So that story will not be used here, at least not at this time. I am sending it, along with a second story, over to Grays Sporting Journal. They are having a “competition” of sorts. Trying to find their next fly fishing writer. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Getting on with it….here’s the condensed version.

When I posted my last video to YouTube, a fellow YouTuber, Dom, noticed the video and sent me an email. He filled me in on a little known secret, there are BIG trout hanging out in town. 16″, 18″ even 20″+ rainbow and brown trout in the river and creek system in Denver! He told me of two such places and kept his third location for large trout a secret, for now.

One evening after work I scoped out one of his locations that is just up the road from my place. I walked the creek for about 40 minutes but didn’t really see an area that would hold big fish. Of course it was dusk and a little hard to see, but I was a bit skeptical.

Not wanting to give up just yet, I took a couple hours the following Sunday and checked it out again. Pulled up, got the gear out and headed to the river. This time it was the middle of the day so I could see a little better, but one bad thing about fishing rivers in town is that they aren’t the most clear bodies of water I have fished. Visibility wasn’t very good but I still rigged up my fly rod and gave it a go.

I worked the back end of the pool first, nothing. Then I walked up to the start of the run, tossed my fly in to the riffles, watched the indicator as it passed over the drop off and Yahtzee! Fish on! It was a decent sized brown, jumped out of the water a couple times, I muscled him close to shore to try and get him in the net and POP, the fly came out.

Next bite I had was five minutes later, after walking away and taking some deep breaths and counting to ten. This time I never saw the fish, he took my fly and gave a good fight. Swimming up and down the pool and never coming up for me to get a look at him. This fish may have been a sucker fish because I was never able to lay eyes on him. Yep, fly came out again! What the hell was I doing wrong?!?!?!

Step away, deep breaths, count to ten.

Third times a charm right? Wrong! I had another bite, another good sized brown that jumped once, jumped twice and then nothing. Another LDR (long distance release). I was a little frustrated, wondering if I was doing something wrong or maybe the fly I was using was defective, but I don’t know what the reason was. I couldn’t be too bummed though, I had found a spot just 15 minutes up the road. Surprisingly the area was peaceful and relaxing to fish. Only saw a handful of people riding their bikes, but other than that I had the place to myself.

But this story doesn’t end without me catching a fish. I was lucky enough to have a fourth fish on the end of my line and this time I got him to cooperate for a little photo shoot.

A little brown in town

The image is a little bad because it is just a frame from a video. Yes, I have everything caught on tape, every single missed opportunity there for me to review. And for you to review as well. Hopefully next week I’ll have the video up and then you can see for yourself that there are actually good sized fish that you don’t have to drive three hours to get to.

Special thanks to Dom for giving me a little taste of the big fish that he catches. Check him out and check out the fish they are catching in town, I am quite amazed by it.