1st Quarter Numbers — The Good and The Bad

Originally posted @ FishExplorer.com

My day job is working in an industry that is slowly going the way of the eight track — printing. I thought I was starting a good career 12 years ago by teaching myself digital graphics, but as it turns out, even the Encyclopedia Britannica is going the digital route so my industry is not doing well. It seems like I may have to start rethinking this whole career thing and find something else to earn a living by. Good thing my hobby, my passion, will never be in decline as far as I’m concerned. So at least I have that going for me.

Last year, as my company had three separate layoffs, I was lucky enough to have been told a secret. A secret about big brown trout and big rainbow trout right here in Denver. I didn’t really believe it at first, but as they say – the proof is in the video. So I went searching the YouTubes and came across a handful of videos of some decent fish being caught here in town. It was my mission last year to catch some of those fish and I succeeded way beyond my expectations. I had more success with one species, the brown trout, but the rainbow trout had alluded me. So I made it my goal this year to get in to some bows.

My first couple of outings didn’t yield much, but I kept searching. I knew that the rainbow spawn would hit early this year because of unseasonably warm weather across the state. I would go fishing after work, because when there isn’t much work to be done I get off early – which is a double-edged sword. I would also go for a few hours on the weekend when I wasn’t hitting some tailwater elsewhere. I was determined and persistent and it finally paid off.


One Sunday morning when my mother-in-law took my three-year old son to swimming lessons and my wife was busy, I shot up the road to try yet again, and wouldn’t you know, I found the bows! When the timing is right, it is quite easy. The hard part is actually finding the time. Last year I fished the same spot on three different occasions and came up skunked.

This year, this first quarter, I got lucky and the timing was perfect. Within the first 20 minutes I had my first rainbow on and in the net. I had another five in the net by the end of the hour. The next hour was slow and I was about to try another part of the river when I got a phone call from Alan, a fellow FxR member. He was in the area picking up some equipment to try his hand at fly fishing, it was good to meet up and wet a line with him.


I showed him my spot and told him to have a go and within five minutes…fish on! The next couple of hours were slow, with me only netting one more rainbow, but she was a beauty of a rainbow, if I do say so myself. Glad Alan was there to play photographer and also glad he was there to do a little dredging and do his part for the river clean up.

The next week I hit the same spot two more times and did fairly well but not as good as the first, which is to be expected. Can’t really complain though, because my first quarter numbers kept me in the black.