Catching Sticks

My son Brennon is 4 and constantly on the go – so much energy I can barely keep up. When we are outside he goes and does whatever he feels like. Which is fine by me. He sees me tying flies and wants to tie some of his own. So I broke out my old vise and put it on his desk. Gave him some feathers and he grabbed his scissors and started making flies. No hooks or anything yet, but he’s having fun just cutting up feathers and putting them in his fly box. When he wants to take his flies and rod to the lake to go fishing, I’m all for that. He’ll cast a few times but mainly he just likes to play in the dirt. Again, fine by me! As he is digging and throwing rocks into the water, I’m casting and catching fish. The best time he has with his fishing pole is catching sticks. He will throw a branch into the water, cast to it until he hooks it, reel it in, “takes a picture” and releases it. Then he does it all over and over and over again. He enjoys it and I can’t help but think that with all this practice casting and catching sticks, he’ll be out casting me and catching real fish in no time!


Dirt Pole Vise_n