Lighter is Better

There are two types of camping in my book, car camping and backpacking. Both are fun to do, but if I had to choose one over the other it would be backpacking. Getting away from the crowds, not camping at a “pay” campground, being out in the vastness of the Colorado Rockies and knowing that the destinations you reach you did so by using your own two feet. Those are the things that keep me packing up my backpack every year and heading into the mountains.

Over the years I have been trying to upgrade my backpacking gear, better and lighter equipment to make it a little easier on my aging back. One of my favorite things to do while backcountry camping is cooking. Everything you eat tastes better when in the woods. One of my purchases this year was a new titanium cook set from Keith. This was my first titanium set and I can honestly say I wish I had gotten this sooner!

The set I am using this year includes a large and small pot, and a frying pan. 1200ml/800ml/400ml. They all nest perfectly inside each other and come with a nice lightweight mesh bag. The handles of all three items are covered in a rubber material and fold out nicely for cooking so you never have to worry about them getting too hot. While I was boiling water in the large pot, I used the small frying pan as a lid and also warmed up a bagel in the frying pan while boiling water for my morning coffee. Simple, easy, and when everything is done they are a breeze to clean.

Along with the cook set I also purchased a set of utensils from Keith. I honestly can not believe how light the knife/spoon/fork combo is and how comfortable they are to use. For stirring and for eating, I never had to worry about them getting too hot or breaking them off while mixing up some freeze dried food.

If you are going to make one purchase this year to lighten up your pack, I would highly recommend the Keith titanium line of cookware. Affordable and lightweight, these are a must have, whether you are backpacking or car camping.

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