Photos: Taking the New Rod for a Test-Drive in Colorado

Originally posted @ Orvis

I had a couple of hours to spare one day last month, so I took my new Recon up to the local creek. The first of two browns that I caught was small and the typical size for the tiny creek, but it was a great first fish for the new rod. The second brown, on the other hand, was a giant for that small stream. I have caught a few of them in the last handful of years and it’s always a heart-pounding experience when it happens.

For the close quarters fishing that you have to do at the creek, the Recon responded amazingly. From flipping to mending to the always fun sling shot, the Recon handled it easily and luckily no flies were lost to the numerous trees and branches that cover the creek. It was a great way to start off my year with the Recon!

P1060874 P1120401 P1120408 P1120413