HP ZBook Review

10501825_10152769783348175_3018491975649462243_nHP’s 17” ZBook is not your everyday internet-surfing cat-meme-posting laptop. With its 2.8GHz Core, i7-4900MQ Intel processor and 16GB of RAM, this workhorse plows through the most processor-intensive jobs, leaving you with plenty of time to view the latest cat memes.

The ZBook has been particularly useful for me, as I create and edit (very large) videos highlighting my ramblings through the Colorado Rockies. Although I blog for various outdoor gear companies, and have had articles published, my heart lies with my lesser known passion, which is sharing my fishing trips through video.  I feel that videos provide a much fuller experience than stills or text. \

But there’s one downside of creating videos – the dreaded production time.  I’m used to waiting 15 minutes to load a single clip and more than 8 hours to render a draft! Video rendering takes longer than some of my day trips. As a father, a prepress manager, and an outdoorsman, I don’t have hours to sit around waiting for  huge files to process, so using the ZBook’s power has been life-changing for me. It speeds through the processing so I am able to spend more time in the actual editing of the video.

But what if I want to use another program while the computer is rending the video? I frequently switch from Adobe Premiere to After Effects to Photoshop, which has caused lesser computers to crash and delete any progress made on a video. The ZBook handles multitasking with ease, and now I’m able to work on multiple projects at the same time.

But speed and memory aren’t everything, if the display is only average. Fortunately, the ZBook doesn’t have this problem. It is immediately HP-ZBook-15apparent that the ZBook’s DreamColor display is something special.  With over 1.4 million colors, the crisp, clear display almost makes me feel like I’m back in the mountains when I review my latest video. Editing RAW images for magazine use is also a breeze. Due to the color precision, I know what I’m sending the editor will print as true-to-life as possible.

The ZBook boasts a variety of ports and expansion options – most notably the option to add two additional hard drives on top of the SSD that is running the operating system. Although I still have not filled up the original hard drive, it’s nice to know that this there’s the flexibilty to expand as necessary.

Now, when I return from my trips armed with hours of video, I can look forward to the video creation process, knowing that HP’s ZBook will help me create a top-notch product without the painstaking process.



Originally posted @ Acli-Mate

“Oh, you’re traveling to Colorado? Make sure you drink a TON of water because of the altitude.”

The first time I heard this phrase was during a trip I took to Colorado as a teenager. Since then, I’ve heard and also uttered this Coloradan catch phrase countless times.

The reasoning behind this warning is the knowledge that at higher elevations your body loses water twice as fast as at sea level just through respiration alone. Add to that the dry climate which causes sweat to evaporate more quickly and a person can rapidly become dehydrated and ill.

So, it’s more than just a catch phrase, it really is important to maintain hydration at high altitudes.
Having noticed that I tend to experience dehydration symptoms after a long day of backpacking and fly fishing, I decided to add Acli-Mate to my water supply while exploring the outdoors this year.

Acli-Mate is added to the water you’re already drinking, and works rapidly to help your body adjust to your surroundings. It provides your body with the electrolytes, B-vitamins and minerals you need to fully maintain hydration while being exposed to the elements.
On every trip I’ve taken this year, I added a package of Acli-Mate. I had such impressive results that I used Acli-Mate in the morning and at lunch during a five-day backpacking trip into the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in Colorado. On the first morning, when I pulled out my morning Acli-Mate package, I happened to look over only to find my fellow backpacker, Shawn, was adding Acli-Mate to his water as well! It seems we both realized that it is beneficial to take the actions to help our bodies when backpacking in the Rockies.

On the majority of my hikes, whether it be a day trip or a weeklong camping trip, I tend to get a slight headache and usually take over-the-counter medicine to alleviate it. Drinking water with Acli-Mate this year has taken that necessity away and I have had no issues at all with acclimating to the 5,000+ feet of elevation differences when I am out in the Rocky Mountains.

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