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So I realize that a tug is a tug. I should be happy that a fish was fooled by a fly I tied, took the bait, and that I got to have a little fun with him for a bit. But I want to know who came up with the ‘Long Distance Release’ saying,

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great phrase. It helps ease the pain of not getting the fish into the net. It helps to justify the fact that you must have done something wrong — had too much or too little line tension, didn’t have the rod high enough in the air, or just that the fish was smart enough to know how to jump at just the right angle to get that fly unhooked.

These things happen to everyone at some point or another, but hopefully for me, they’ll happen less frequently the better I become at fly fishing. But every time I have a fish on for more than a few seconds, I am already picturing it in my net. When that doesn’t happen it can be a bit frustrating. Recently I was fishing the rainbow spawn and had the biggest fish of the day on the line. It must have been at least a couple of minutes, which feels like an eternity, and then the fly popped out. Frustrating to say the least, but then my friend said to me “Hey, nice LDR, at least you didn’t have to mess with the net and the fly stuck in its mouth.”

Although true, this statement didn’t make me feel any better. I was looking forward to holding the 28” rainbow (well probably closer to 20”, but in my head I’m sticking with 28”). It’s frustrating to know that I may have done something wrong, — that I should have been more aware of exactly where the fish was going.

But at the end of the day I got over my mishap and was excited to have had a fish on the line. So until I become a master angler, I will have to live with my love/hate relationship with the term “Long Distance Release.”


And as long as we are discussing LDRs, might as throw up some video proof of it in action.

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  1. I won’t use the term myself, but have come up with an equivilent. The “quick release” is part of a little scoring game I play with the fish. I trek mostly just myself and my dog so I have a little time on my hands given the lack of conversation, which is fine by me. Not that I am anti-social, but in the high country I prefer 0 distraction, a one on one with the enviroment if you will. Anyway the game is simple and goes as such; A hit without hookset is one for the fish, to land a fish is one for me. me. A hit without a hookset, but a landing on the same cast negates the one for the fish and counts one for me. A “quick release” outside of a rods lenght from shore is one for the fish and inside a rod lenght one for me. I keep score until I lose track and then I just say good game and take in the beauty! LDR or QR matters not to me it’s all in how you play the game!
    Post on Out high if you get a minute, and nice website friend!

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