I grew up in the country outside of Buffalo, NY and started fishing at an early age with my uncle and cousins on Lake Erie. After moving to North Carolina, I developed a knack for bass fishing. A good friend gave me my first fly fishing setup when I moved to Colorado 14 years ago and I’ve been fly fishing ever since. I work full time in the digital graphics field and do as much hiking, fly fishing and snowboarding as possible. I now call Littleton, CO home with my wife Karen and 10 year old son Brennon.


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    • I did. Still debating on whether I am going or not. Already saw two of the movies but it never hurts to see them again!

  1. Hey Jon…
    Just finished purusing your blog once again, haven’t visited in awhile and I must say I love it. Always intertaining everytime I visit. Keep up the good work! See ya at poker… if your not fishing.. lol

  2. Hey Jon,

    +1 on what Terry said above. Love the blog and keep up the good work brother! I do like how you review products as it has sparked a couple purchases of mine. I also like how you actually use and field test the product as an average joe and not some over paid sponsor. I do have an idea for a product for you to test as Colorado is the micro-brew capitol of the country. Look into the beer growler (64oz) or growlet (32oz). I do have a couple of glass ones in the fridge that I get filled from a local brewery down the road here in Parker. But it seems like the stainless steel version is picking up in popularity. I’m sure these would be awesome in outdoor application as well. Wouldn’t it be awesome to pick up a unique brew from a small mountain brewery on your way to the river or trailhead, then to be enjoyed once you hit your campsite after a long hike or on the river once the bite has seized? If you consider the pack weight of a full 64oz growler (4 lbs.) in a lightweight stainless steel container, this can be minimal weight considering the growlers contents haha! Plus you don’t have to worry about packing out empty beer bottles or cans which is a plus for us outdoorsman attempting to minimize our impact on the environment. Check em out as they are all over the internet. I personally have no idea which one to look into. Thanks!!

  3. Jon

    I live in Littleton also and just came across your site. Thank you!

    I was wondering if you have written anything on fishing in the Flat Tops wilderness area. I tried the search field on your archives but it only takes me to deuter (broken link of some kind?). That said – have you written anything on this topic and/or could you refer me some info. I am planning a backpacking/fishing trip in August.



  4. Hi Jon. Excuse my naiveté, but how do I subscribe to your blog. It looks great and I’m looking forward to following you.

    • Hi Bob, thanks for stopping by! I think you can subscribe using a RSS reader. On my main page, bottom right under the archives you’ll see a link to my site for RSS readers. Thanks again!

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